Upper Elementary - December 11, 2015

Dear Families,

This week was very eventful. The elders from the Upper Elementary went shopping for Taco Tuesday on Monday at Shop Rite. The Elders had to find out how many ounces of cheese, refried beans, tomatoes etc.were needed per taco.  And, on Tuesday we had Taco Tuesday for the first time. We think the school enjoyed the tacos very much. Now if you’re asking me, the tacos were delicious. 

Last week we went down to the Primary Class and Lower Elementary and read Tommie dePaola books to our partners. This week we are writing biographical stories for the Primary class. On Wednesday we went down and sat with our partners to get some story worthy information. We are hoping to get the stories done by next week so we can start illustrating.

And last of all, next Monday is Parent Education night. We are going to be reading some of the fluency projects and our compare and contrast essays.  Debbie will also explain some of the writing strategies that we are practicing to improve our writing skills.  There will also be an opportunity to gather in the Handlemann Room for card making and snacks.

Yours truly,

Emma and Architects (RiverRun students)