Primary - November 20, 2015

Hello Families, 
A walk at Lisha Kill Preserve, what a wonderful way to start our week together!  As you know, we touched on fungi and algae and their roles in the forest, took note of forest details around us, and marveled at Eastern Pine over 200 years old.  Parents, thank you for taking us on this trip, a fun time for all. 

It’s time to look at Thanksgiving and the culmination of harvest next Tuesday, with our Stone Soup feast.  We baked muffins and will make our soup this next Monday. We continue to talk and read about all families, and the pets that are part of them, as well as our towns and the people in them (i.e., fire fighters, veterinarians).  This has led to much sharing among the children about their own experiences. 

In the afternoon, we’ve started a large cooperative building project, which will involve all the children.  It’s exciting to see their ideas and creativity.   Some children are making world maps, and language and reading work are also popular.  Thanks for looking at Montessori at Home activities in folders on Mondays.  We touch on these at circle too.

We wish Eliza all the best in her new class, Lower El, with Amy, Tatiana, Rachel, and all the children. So happy we’ll see Eliza from time to time around school.  Enjoy Thanksgiving! 

Peace to all,

Maureen, Jess, Rachel and Cyndy