Lower Elementary - December 18, 2015

Dear RiverRun Families,

            For the past two weeks we’ve been sharing Christmas holiday stories with the children. The Middle Schoolers came to our room and read The Baker’s Dozen; a Dutch holiday folktale about the origin of the baker’s dozen. They also made St. Nicholas Cookies for us, yummy! Tatiana read Baboushka and the Three Kings. In this story an old lady takes on the role similar to our Santa Clouse as she follows the Three Kings in search of the “Child”. I read The Littlest Angel, a tale about a four year old in heaven who found the perfect gift for the baby Jesus. His gift is not the shiniest, but the most thoughtful gift. His gift was chosen by God and became the Star of Bethlehem. On Tuesday the 22nd we will have another drill where we walk to the Dominican Retreat Center, our designated safe place to go should we not be able to come back into Agudat Achim in an emergency. When there, we will are going to see the Tomie De Paola mural, a community treasure. If you would like to join us please meet us at the front entrance at 9:15. The community has continued to work on their Tomie DePaola autobiographical snapshots of their lives. The Upper El has been working with our First Years and our Elders have been working with the Primary children on this writing project. In music class Diana has been exposing the children to composer Claude Debussy and in P.E. the children are wrapping up their basketball unit.

We wish you all a joyous and healthy New Year,
 Amy, Tatiana, and Rachel