Middle School - October 30, 2015

Dear Families
We didn’t have school on Monday thanks to Parent/Teacher Conferences. On Tuesday we went to the Empire State Youth Orchestra and they played the Planets by Gustav Holst. We also read a book called Dutch Double. In the afternoon we went outside for an hour and talked about the orchestra. On Wednesday both Heidi and Madeleine were not in.  Grace and Benjamin did math the entire day and we got more done than usual.Grace worked on the RiverRun Middle School Project. We had Physical Education with the upper elementary in the Handelman room, where Benjamin the awesome and Nadia dominated everyone in teams of two. On Thursday Heidi and her daughter were back in and we read another chapter of Dutch Double.  We then went to the boat house to go kayaking for the last time this year.  We went back to the cave where last time inside it we saw a little waterfall and this time there was a huge waterfall.  On our way back it started to rain. As we were trying to get back we saw a bald eagle fly over the river and settle into a tree to eat a fish.  We came back very wet and in the afternoon we had music class. On Friday we worked on math and our backpacking stories.  Benjamin worked a little on the Riverrun Middle School Project.  At 10:45 we came into the upper elementary class and listened as each of the students told us there reasoning for why they should all be things like mayor, judge and chief of police.  We had triangular pizza slices for the first time and are so much better than the square slices.

Benjamin and the Middle School

Heidi's Comments:

This has been a productive and interesting week despite being only 4 days long. The orchestra performance sparked a burst of creativity in the classroom including written, visual, and musical artistry.

Our final paddle for this fall sure was memorable. Between sitting in kayaks near the bottom of an impressive waterfall to seeing a bald eagle fly overhead and then work at its lunch, the four of us got a good dose of nature's magnificence.

If the weather is favourable we will day hike next week on Monday. Students should be prepared with appropriate footwear, picnic style lunch, and the clothing they'll need to stay warm. If the weather is bad (cold and rainy) on Monday we will go to MiSci instead and try again to hike later in the week.

The book that we've started reading is about a girl living in Schenectady in 1990 who gets transported magically to right before the attack on the Stockade in 1690. Next week we may try to get down to that neighbourhood. On Monday November 9th we will go on a field trip to Fort Crailo and then the State Museum in order to take a closer look at what life was like for the Dutch immigrants to this area in that time period.