Upper Elementary - December 4, 2015

Dear Families,

The RiverRun Community Council is having a Tomie dePaola month throughout December.  To introduce his stories and illustrations to the primary and lower elementary classes, we each had a one- on-one story time with our partner. Throughout the rest of December, we will meet about once a week with our partners to help them create one of their very own Tomie DePaola stories. We also have been finishing up and typing our compare and contrast essays for our parent education night on December 14. Debbie worked with each of us on revisions and to make sure our grammar and spelling is correct.

Emma and Abi sent out Taco Tuesday ingredient\permission slips and have gotten a great response. Almost everyone wants a taco! GO TEAM TACO! J

We have been practicing our fluency in writing about once a week. We practice our fluency by getting a topic from Debbie, such as, “Your biggest fear is… (or) The color blue reminds me of…  Then we each have to try and write a whole page about the topic while being timed. When everyone is done, you have a chance to read your fluency page if you’d like. When we did the topic of what your biggest fear is, we got into a really in-depth conversation about being home alone and being afraid of the dark. We barely noticed it was time to go home.