Upper Elementary - November 20, 2015

Dear Families,

          For the past several years the Upper Elementary Newsletter has been written using the plural pronoun “We” to describe the weekly activities. I’ve done this to represent the whole community in the classroom. However, today the letter is just from me. This Wednesday, I attended the very first RiverRun Community Council meeting run completely by the students in the upper el classroom. The other RiverRun classrooms were invited to send a representative for the meeting. It was an amazing experience for me to witness the leadership skills your children practiced during the meeting. Abi was the facilitator, Patricia the timer, Emma the note taker and Nadia the assistant facilitator. Nadia was responsible for the stack and the parking lot. (Ask your child what her roles were!) The meeting was productive, and all members were respectful of each council member’s ideas. Three proposals were formally shared with the group. Discussions were held and timed after each proposal, and all three proposals were accepted by consensus! I am very impressed and proud of your children and their accomplishments since they decided to create a school government. We will have a wonderful dialogue with Assemblymember Steck and Senator Hugh Farley when we meet them in January. The class went to PUZZLES in downtown Schenectady for hot chocolate today. Sara Mae Hickey, the business owner, took us on a tour of the café. Sara inspired us with her mission to have a place where everyone can feel welcome.

Thank you for the pleasure of working with your children each day,