Middle School - November 6, 2015

Dear Families,

Monday we started our day off by driving to Plotterkill hiking trail where we would spend the morning hiking. On the hiking trail we saw three waterfalls and they were all amazing! We got to eat lunch by one and we got to stand under another. On the hiking path, there were also
more than enough warning signs saying not to step off of the path about every 20 feet or so.

Monday afternoon was also a fire drill and continued to read ‘Dutch Double.’

Tuesday Heidi wasn’t here but gave us plenty of mathematics and she also wrote down asking us to become a class expert at something, such as I (Grace) became an expert on why leaves change color and fall off during the autumn.

Wednesday we worked on taking apart the already partially wrecked picnic table and once taking it fully apart threw it in the dumpster. That afternoon was also had P.E.

Thursday we did our normal working of math and writing our backpacking stories, and as usual had music in the afternoon.

And today we wrote a thank you note to the primary who this morning gave us a jar of applesauce, which we finished in just a few minutes and a thank you note to the boat house for letting us rent kayaks there. In the afternoon we had pizza for lunch as usual, and thankfully it was still the triangular slices.

Grace and the Middle School

Heidi's Remarks:

The Plotter Kill Preserve hike was stunning, not only for the beauty of the falls, but for the way our young folks interacted with both nature and each other. Watching the three of them help one another across the creek and gain the confidence to cross back and forth for fun, or noticing the amassed silence of even the most talkative student upon seeing a forty foot fall from its base, these are just a few examples of moments that make this program special.

We have finished with polygons and their angles for now and have begun an introduction to negative numbers. We will be spending the day on Friday at MiSci where, in addition to their usual displays, they are having a science festival which will include lots of other activities from other science museums as well. This means that students will need to have a lunch that does not need to be heated and there will be no Pizza Friday for the Middle School this week. We'll have to wait until next week to enjoy more of those popular wedge shaped slices.

If it isn't raining Monday November 16 (rain date is Wednesday the 18th), we will be going up to Pineridge to get our skis and do trail work to help us have clear safe paths to ski on once the snow starts. It is will interesting to hike on the trails now and compare the experience later in the season when we have snow underneath us. If your student has work gloves it would be good to send them in for Monday to protect against blisters and thorns.