Primary - January 22, 2016

Hello Families,

It’s been an inside week. One of our friend’s nature sharing prompted us to set up and paint our own still life, one with fruit and another with animal models. Painting and new perspectives could also happen when we did a group color mix activity to look at skin color. Of course, no one has green, purple, orange or primary color skin; yet, we found when we mixed all these colors on our hands that most came close to our own skin color. Though mixed in differing amounts, everyone’s skin has all these colors in it, so beautiful! With art on the mind, Cyndy read aloud a story by B.J. Novak, The Book With No Pictures, to which the children laughed throughout! Adding to our landforms and animal works, we introduced habitats or biomes, looking at basic aspects (land/soil, air/temperature, water, animals, plants) and pictures of several types. As it’s winter, we’re also looking at states of matter. Toward the end of our first lesson, a second year pops up with the thought that matter is lots of very small things, “molecules,” and they’re “microscopic.” An Elder then chimed in that molecules are made up of even smaller “atoms,” with something in them called “neutrons,” and with help managed to get the names, protons and electrons. Then another child mentioned electricity. Cyndy and I were beaming, saying they are scientists. More than one child noted they watch “Bill Nye, the Science Guy.” We all decided we’d have fun doing more science in the weeks ahead. YEA!