Lower Elementary - January 22, 2016

Dear RiverRun Families,

We had a busy week. The First Years continue to work on capitalizations and punctuations rules. They have also learned another part of speech, the verb! They will now be able to parse/symbolize whole sentences. In the pictures below you can see the First Years working on the parts of a mountain using air dry clay to make and label the various parts.


We are moving from Australia/Oceania to the continent of Asia. A lesson was given on the Himalayan mountain range to the whole class. The First Years were able to share their knowledge of the parts of a mountain with the rest of us. The First Years had a beginning lesson in geometry. They learned how to identify different types of triangles by their sides.

The Middles and Elders were told the story of how the Babylonians came up with the concept of a day and a year by observing the path of a star in the sky, this lead to the measurement of a circle’s angle being 360 degrees. The answer is in the stars! The children also learned the rules to words that end in –ed. The Middles had a lesson on right, straight and whole angles and multiplying multi digit multiplicands by single digit multipliers using the stamp game. We have invited guest mathematicians to come in and share their expertise. This week and last Alex, Michael’s father, came in to give lessons in calculus. If you have expertise in an area of math and would be interested in putting a lesson together please let us know.

We have really enjoyed learning with your children this week,

Amy, Tatiana and Rachel