Upper Elementary - January 22, 2016

Dear Families,

This morning, Alex Tchernev, Michael’s dad and professor in the Mathematics Department at SUNY Albany, returned to RiverRun as a guest mathematician. This is our second week with him teaching. This week we did partial sums and we graphed them. We are really starting to get good at calculus. While on the subject of math, we have been cruising along with Geometry January. The 5th and 4th years have been reviewing angles and degrees. The 6th years are also working on angles, but with three different geometric shapes. We have been paying close attention to details and Debbie and I might have found a mistake in the workbook. Here is an example of one of our crazy problems: ABCD is a parallelogram and CDEF is a rhombus. Find the measure of angle ADE. The picture also had a triangle in it. We had to do 40 pages of that work throughout the week.

In addition, we have been reading the third chapter of Freedom Crossing, and writing different assignments for each chapter. For this chapter we wrote a paragraph about the personality traits of one of the characters named Martin. Debbie has been trying to get us to use different transitions when we are writing our paragraphs, and I guess it worked because we started using them. In fact, I used one at the beginning of this sentence. Furthermore, we have been doing cause and effect. Debbie gives us short one page stories, and we read them and answer some questions. Some of the ones we did this week were Defining Geometry, Goalsetting, and Fort Ticonderoga. On the other hand, we have been finishing up typing and checking our crayfish experiments and face essays.

Moreover, in Spanish class we have been doing Spanish bingo and making group stories. A couple of the stories are about a girl named Clary who wants to live in a mountain and goes on the Hogwarts Express. Another one is a twist on the boy who cried wolf which included a floating genie baby and sheep with iPods. Also, in music we have been writing our own eight measure pieces and humming to work on our pitch. In gym we are doing scooter hockey, jump roping, running and core.

Lastly, we started thinking about our environmental projects, which will include an interview. We can display them in any form, PowerPoint hardcover, and we can pick any topic that has to do with the environment.

We are looking forward to our big trip to the Capitol and the ice skating on Tuesday!!!

Yours truly,
Abi and Architects