Lower Elementary - January 29, 2016

Dear RiverRun Families,

            This week the Third Years had a grammar lesson on distinguishing the possessive adjective from a possessive pronoun (possessive adjectives come before the noun).  The Second Years had lessons on fractions. They learned about the denominator and numerator, using the fraction circles to build fractions.  Both the Elders and Middles had lessons on the whole, straight, and right angles with the fractions circles and measuring their angles on the Montessori Protractor.   Some of the children have been talking about science; therefore we added another science demonstration to the shelf.  The children learned about density using two eggs and two jars of water, one with four tablespoons of salt dissolved in the water.  The egg in the salt water floated and the one in the water sank.  The First year had follow up lessons on parts of a triangle, capitalization and parsing

In our class we have box we fill with varying amounts of toothpicks.  Every so often we estimate how many are in the box.  This week there were 173 toothpicks in the box.  Arielle estimated 150 and Nate, Natalie’s dad, estimated 200.  Both were close, but Arielle was closer!       

As a follow up to learning about the Himalaya Mountain Range we have begun an art project; creating a landscape of this range using tissue paper and glue.  The children were intensely engaged and very kind to one another as they worked.   We will continue to build the mountain range next week.   

Check in your child’s folder for work plans.  We will be sending them home weekly for you to look at and see what work choices your child is making during the day.  We hope they help stimulate conversation about what they did throughout the week.  If your child doesn’t have a folder please send one in.  Also, Narratives/Assessments were sent home today.  If you have any questions please call or email.

Dates to Remember:

February 15-19 -Winter Recess Break

March 4th & 7th - Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 17th        -School Play

March 25          -No school/Good Friday

Best Wishes,

Amy, Tatiana, and Rachel