Primary - January 29, 2016

Hello Families,
Outside again this week (yea!) and busy inside too. Building on a few earlier themes, we looked at photos of many habitats, polar regions, deserts, grasslands, oceans, wetlands, mountains, tropical forest, and temperate forests. We’re also singing a song of ocean names. Did you know the ocean area around Antarctica is called the Southern Ocean? Adding to our explorations of states of matter, Cyndy read Bartholomew and the Oobleck, by Dr. Seuss. Of course, we made oobleck and the children are enjoying this odd substance (Is it a solid? Is it a liquid?). Moving beyond invertebrates to vertebrates, we’re now looking into animal kingdoms, and will start to focus some on birds (especially those in a “tux” that inhabit the Southern Ocean). Near the end of the week, we had a visit from Evsen, Daphne’s mom, who shared a book on the evolution of Earth and life on our planet. The children enjoyed many of the illustrations and ideas presented. Thank you Evsen; a story is a fun way to end our morning! Beginning to understand that refugee families leave their homes to be safe, one afternoon we made cards, drawing pictures and writing notes of warm wishes for a few of these families. Thanks to all who supported the school’s efforts and contributed to Carry the Future!