Primary - February 5, 2016

Hello Families,

As the year progresses, our class is becoming more social as a community, sharing ideas and working together in new and varied ways with favorite materials, whether making completed calendars into patterns of color, using the Montessori brown stairs and pink tower for varied towers, or creating imaginary and performance movement play in the afternoons with scooters (roller boards), hula hoops, and cooperative games. We made rain in our classroom, looking at ice cubes, water and steam as a cloud vapor, and then made predictions which would melt first, a large group of ice cubes versus single cubes in colored containers.

Busy with preparations for Chinese New Year, children are listening to Chinese stories, making red lanterns, eating oranges (signs of good fortune in the new year), painting paper to make a dragon, doing related prickings, tracings, and their own books. The year of the Monkey begins Monday and new year celebrations are several days. More fun ahead for us all ! “Xin nian kuaile” - Happy New Year !

Thank you to Evsen, for sharing another good book, Rosie Revere Engineer, which touched on accepting others for who they are, and trying again to do what we want. With a final packet of drawings, we’re also sending Jess a big “thank you” for all her care and work with us in the fall, and best wishes for the year ahead.

Peace to all,
Maureen, Cyndy and Fatima