Lower Elementary - February 26, 2016

Dear RiverRun Families,

It is always nice to see your children after a long break. We miss them and look forward to seeing their refreshed faces and hear all the wonderful things they did over the week. Many of the children clearly practiced their lines for the play over break, thank you. If you have your child’s costume is ready please send it in. If you need help putting one together send an email, we can help. Please note that the time of the school play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, has changed to 1:30 due to a recently identified conflict with Agudat Achim’s Hebrew School schedule.

This week the First Years had a lesson on synonyms, and they are practicing working with helping verbs and are correcting silly sentences for punctuation and capitalization.

The Second and Third Years looked at different quadrilaterals and triangles to check for congruency and similarity. We compared different quadrilaterals to see if they were congruent or similar. The Second Years had lessons on division using the Stamp Game and had the introductory lesson to adverbs. Many of the children are following up their lessons on Land and Water Forms using the Waseca continent maps.

Our classroom is in need of a few supplies. We need colored pencils and tissues. Please consider picking some up this weekend.

Enjoy the warmer weather,
Amy, Tatiana, & Rachel