Primary - Feburary 26, 2016

Hello Families,

We’re all about Antarctica and penguins! As you know, we watched a large portion of “March of the Penguins” (National Geographic). The children seemed fascinated by much of the film and taken by the newborn penguin chicks. Related classroom works have included penguin models and puzzle, an Antarctica map and habitat, books on penguins and South Pole explorers, etc. At the end of the week we took a closer look at ice and icebergs, creating a “mini-ocean and icebergs” to observe. We discussed where icebergs come from, how they look and float, and how boats might be built to break through ice around Antarctica. We also made predictions on which would melt faster, a solid large ice block, or iceberg, versus one with a larger water bubble trapped inside it. What’s your prediction?

We also want to thank you for attending our second Parent-Child Afternoon. It was wonderful to see all our families again. The children were excited to share their classroom, materials and knowledge with you! We so appreciate all your support.

Take care and peace to all,
Maureen, Cyndy and Fatima