Upper Elementary - February 12, 2016

Dear Families,

Why does a ball keep moving after you throw it? We went outside to test Sir Isaac Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. We each observed a ball at rest, and we each threw a ball as far as we could. We discussed Newton’s reason for believing that a ball at rest and a ball moving at a constant speed are similar.

On Taco Tuesday we invited four members of the lower elementary classroom to do the chopping. Under the guidance of the upper elementary students, they prepared the items for another successful Taco Tuesday. We made a profit for the first time this year!

We are all pleased when we can read the next chapter in Freedom Crossing. We are not allowed to go ahead because Debbie is worried that we’ll give away some of the exciting details. It’s one of her favorite books, and she wants to hear our individual comments after each chapter.

We shared our fluency stories about being invisible for a day. We practiced focusing on one of our ideas to create a clear picture for the audience. We are a class of writers.

We’ll all bring A Midsummer Night’s Dream home with us for the winter break so that we can memorize our lines. A letter about costumes, written by Emma and Olivia, is being sent home today so that families who want a head start can begin to work on costumes.

Please be sure to send in field trip permission slips and the fee for Rosa Parks by tomorrow. Families attending the Potluck dinner tonight will have a wonderful feast and an opportunity to visit with friends. Enjoy!

Have a great vacation week,

Debbie & Architects