Upper Elementary - February 26, 2016

Dear Families:

We enjoyed our trip to Proctor’s Theatre to see the Rosa Park’s Story. The small acting and singing troupe was enthralled with the theater, and they really belted out the songs. The leader of the group started the question and answer period after the show by congratulating the performers on a terrific show. We all learned a lot about Rosa Parks.

We had fun during Spanish class forming human sentences using our Spanish vocabulary words coded with the colors of the Montessori parts of speech chart. The sentence that included all of us, and the middle school students, was about an angry sheep, a wolf and a boy who ran and cried again.

Fourth & 5th years concentrated on fractions and 6th years solved complex geometry problems. Most of us have decided on topics to explore for our environment projects. We wrote about our favorite style of music for our fluency task. On Friday afternoon we looked at a map of Lewiston, New York, the setting of Freedom Crossing, so that we could figure out where the action was taking place in the book. We’re at an exciting part of the story.

Finally, we have been practicing for our production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The play is less than three weeks away. It has been decided that the performance will remain on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 1:30p.m. (Please note that this is a time change from an original memo that you may have received in the past.)

Have a great weekend!

Yours truly,
Debbie and Architects