Primary - March 11, 2016

Hello Families,

We began with a brief talk about Leap Year, the coming of March, and now it seems spring is around the corner. Yet, we are focused on the polar regions for a couple more weeks. Arctic animals, as polar bears, caribou, arctic hare, arctic fox and wolf, as well as walrus, seal, among others, and an afternoon discussion about polar explorations, have captured our interest. As oceans figure prominently in these biomes, we are doing sink and float explorations, with items of wood, different plastic objects, metal, a glass figure, crayon wax, and natural items, as a pine cone, stones, seashells, etc. Our aroma work and food tasting is fresh pineapple. For our new food prep, toasting bread and spreading jam, children followed our safety directions very well and enjoyed making their toast, using bamboo tongs and a small spreader blade with the
jam. We want to thank Jeff, Ava C.’s Dad, for joining us one morning. How fun to have parents with us! We are also busy preparing for our school play, singing with elementary children and trying on costumes.

Be well and enjoy the warmer weather,
Maureen, Cyndy, Rachel and Fatima