Lower Elementary - April 8, 2016

Dear RiverRun Families,

The presentation of the Time Line of Life was given this week.  This is another of the Great Lessons.  This story picks up where the Cosmic Lesson finished.  The Time Line we use represents the evolution of life on four vivid panels.  Fossils of many of the animals and plants shown on the panels are available for the children to look at and locate on the Time Line.  Each day a story is given about some of the animals or plants on the Time Line and linking them to the life that came before it and how these new life forms lead to the coming of humans. These Great Lessons are loved.  They spark the children’s imaginations and leave them with wonder and appreciation for life. 

All the children have been working diligently on their Authors’ Tea stories.  As we make progress we get closer to picking a date to have the children present their stories to you.  The First years have had lessons on the use of the question mark, telling time and they are using various different readers to work on their comprehension skills. 

The Composer of the Month is Frederic Francois Chopin, one of Dianna’s favorite composers!  Today the children played a fun game called Guess What’s Under the Sombrero in Spanish class.  The children have learned so many new vocabulary words from Cyndy’s daily lessons.  It is wonderful to watch the children’s ability grow as they participate in the lessons.

Best Wishes,

Amy, Tatiana, and Rachel