Lower Elementary - April 1, 2016

Dear RiverRun Families,

It has been a few weeks since you have gotten a Friday Letter. We have been very busy. The whole class had several lessons on Parts of a River, starting with how rivers are formed. We went outside to see the effect of water continuously falling on soil carving out a path and imagined how a river could be formed after many, many, many years of this happening. We talked about how important rivers are to supporting life and how civilizations started around rivers because of the fresh water. Inside we have a model of a river and nomenclature naming the various parts.

Leah, Eliza’s mom, joined us last Thursday. She shared a book on the story of Easter and had a craft prepared using “magic wool”. The children made beautiful angels or ghosts, out of the wool. We are all so grateful when families come in to share with us, the children take away knowledge, get to know their friends families and have a memorable experience. Thank you again Leah.

The whole class is working on homophones. A follow up lesson on to, too, and two was given to the First and Second Years and the Elders worked on their, there and they’re. The Elders and Second Years are working on dynamic division (exchanges needed). The Elders where introduced to the Test Tubes. This allows for another level of abstraction, they can divide lager numbers which they can’t do with the Stamp game, presently used by the Second Years to practice division.

Our trip to see A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream at Proctors was interesting. They did the whole play with only five actors. It was an abridged version like ours so the children were able to easily recognize their lines. After the play a Q & A session was held with the actors, our children actively engaged in this session. They had great comments and questions. The Children’s performance of this play was unforgettable. I am sure the cast from Proctors would have been impressed!

Best Wishes,
Amy, Tatiana, and Rachel