Middle School - March 18, 2016

Dear Families,

Naturally the main focus of this week was our whole school production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. On Monday we invited the second grader who is, among other things, playing “The Wall” to work with us on the costume we designed to go over her Greek clothing when she plays the part of a wall in a silly play within the play. We all had a good time working on this project together.

In addition to their acting roles the Middle School students worked as stage hands, helping to open the curtain and move scenery as needed. We know that Queens, Ladies, and Shakespeare didn’t do this at the Globe, but our production is more humble. After Tuesday’s dress rehearsal Maddy made sleeves and a belt to make Queen Elizabeth look fancier. The practice went well and we were ready for Thursday’s performance for our families. One of our favorite parts of the play was when the Primary class came in to sing and dance about as fairies. They look so cute in their varied fairy wings. Maddy plays the fairies’ song on the viola to help everyone stay together. On Wednesday there was no rehearsal so we did our classroom work and helped the Upper Elementary finish up the final set pieces. Showtime was at 1:30 on Thursday and the show came together fabulously. Forty children joyously worked together for weeks and put on a magical show. The students’ dedication and camaraderie have been phenomenal!