Middle School - March 24, 2016

Dear Families,

With our production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream behind us we settled back into something more like our regular school rhythm. We hadn’t been out for a long hike since the middle of December. With the ice gone from the steep trail and play rehearsals over we went back to check on the Plotter Kill falls on Monday. The icicles and frozen mist along the stream and falls were spectacular! The water level was so low that it made getting back and forth across the creek without getting our feet wet much easier than in past trips when the water was deeper. The joy we felt to be back outdoors could not substitute for warm sunshine so we decided to head back to school to eat lunch rather than shiver at our cold picnic spot.

On Tuesday the students from both elementary classrooms joined us on a trip to Proctor’s to see a professional production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. This version of the play was acted out by just 5 actors and, similar to our production, the script was edited to shorten the play. It was interesting to see how the actors all played multiple parts and after the show we talked to the actors about how they did their costume changes and how they managed to keep so many characters’ lines and personalities straight in their minds.

We all took the 370 bus to and from the show. As we boarded the bus after the show I had a conversation with a bus patron who didn’t understand why there were so many (27) kids getting onto his usually quiet bus. I explained a Montessori education includes what we call Practical Life Skills, and that learning how to ride a public bus is a great life skill for anyone who might want to go to school, get a job, shop, or make it to appointments. With this context the man smiled about having the students on the bus agreeing that everyone should learn about public transportation.

Other things we did in class this week include some interesting math problems comparing ratios, mermaid art projects (perhaps inspired by our trip to the water fall), and a practice mediation from our Peace Building curriculum. We will try out some more practice mediations in the future.