Primary - April 1, 2016

Hello Families,

We continue our Polar region studies, with a focus on the Arctic biome and animals. We’re learning about animals as Beluga and Bowhead whales (a baleen whale whose large head can break through areas in the ice pack from below), walrus, Harp and other seals, Arctic hare, wolves and foxes, lemmings, Snowy owls, caribou, and of course, Polar bears. From white coats of fur to blubber, these animals have adapted to life in this extreme environment. Yet, they and their habitat are also effected by global warming and the unpredictability of climate change. Inuit people (previously referred to as Eskimos) still go out across the frozen land, hunting seal, caribou and other animals. Long ago, tall, human-shaped, stone structures, called
inuksuks (or inukshuks) were built in places across Arctic areas in North America. Symbols of friendship, the inukshuks are also location guides, and may mark a cache of food buried nearby. We read a wonderful story to the children, Dreamstones (by Maxine Trottier, illus. by Stella East) to inspire their own building of inuksuks. Finally, a popular new work is mystery sound. A child looks inside the bunny to see the object, says the initial sound of its name, and writes that letter on the bunny paper. How the world is filled with wonder!!

Maureen, Cyndy, Rachel, and Fatima