Middle School - April 8, 2016

Dear Families,

It has been another interesting week filled with varied types of work for our students. We have continued our community service project correspondences. The Managing Director of The RED Bookshelf will be coming to school in two weeks to deliver a book collection crate and literature about the organization which we can share with RiverRun families as we solicit donations of books to share with local children. She will also bring some books which have already been donated so that we can learn to help out reconditioning them for reuse.

The class has, with the help of parent and Board President Ruth Lindenfelser, reserved the social hall at Emanuel Friedens Church from 12-4 on Saturday May 21 for a Café and Open Mic afternoon for school families and friends. Our aim is to use this fun event to build community while raising some money with which to purchase the materials we need to build some new picnic table and benches for the school yard. The class  has begun to design a flyer to publicize the event. This is a fantastic outlet for our student’s creativity and they are extremely enthusiastic about various aspects of the planning and implementation.

There was cool and colorful lesson on the slope intercept method of graphing linear relationships and Maddy used the Montessori Fraction Boxes to help check some other calculations she was working on. We also had a class discussion about the stages and archetypes common to Hero’s Journey tales, using examples from books and movies the students are familiar with, in preparation for writing papers about Huck Finn in this context.

Additionally, we embraced a lesson in taking advantage of nature’s gifts when they present themselves. Though the calendar assures us it is spring, and last week we hiked in 60 degree weather, we had cooler temperatures and a snow storm on Monday. On Tuesday we spent an hour enjoying a late year ski. While the snow was wet and sticky there was enough to allow us to explore the entirety of vast front yard. Grace noticed that our many crisscrossing tracks looked like a child’s play train set on a larger frostier scale. The snow was mostly gone by the end of the day. How wonderful to have had one last experience of winter.