Lower Elementary - April 15, 2016

Dear RiverRun Families,

This week we dove into the Time Line of Life with wonder and awe. The children have spontaneously decided to start some research and learn more about the animals and plants on the Time Line. Fossils made available to them are fun to look at and to match up with the Time Line. With the money raised from Small Hands I brought a wonderful book, Story of Life: Evolution. This is a beautiful accompaniment to the Time Line.

As a whole class we are reading a book about the Yellow River, focusing on some of the cities found along the course of the river, and talking about the significance of these cities. We also learned how the River got its name. Ask your child and see if he/she remembers?

The children continue to practice their math and language skills as you can in the pictures from this busy week. We have made a lot of progress on our Authors' Tea stories.  Many are already in print awaiting illustrations.  We will continue work diligently.  

Enjoy the wonderful weekend ahead with your families.

Best Wishes,
Amy, Tatiana and Rachel