Primary - April 22, 2016

Hello Families,
The week before spring break has been full of activity.  Having our community together at Spring Tea was wonderful.  The children were so happy and proud to serve you food they prepared, and share their songs and work!  Thank you very much for changing your schedules to join us Wednesday.  Earth Day provided another opportunity to link our study of Arctic animals to taking care of the planet for all creatures.  In the classroom, we continue to reuse
art paper, recycle food containers, and conserve water.  With our warmer weather, the class enjoyed much outside time, from noticing flowers blooming, picking dandelions, to swinging, climbing, running, and imaginary games; everyone basked in the warmth and sunshine. We ended our week with a couple fun Passover stories and more explorations with magnets.  On Friday, the older afternoon children joined Lower Elementary for an in-house field trip, Magnet Mania (put on by the Traveling Museum, of Scotia-Glenville Children’s Museum).  Did you know that magnetic force can pass through tissues and bones in one’s hand?  The youngest afternoon children also explored whether different size and strength magnets could hold large metal paper clips through cloth, paper, cardboard, a wood shelf or table top.  Such fun to be scientists! Happy Passover to those celebrating the holiday.  Enjoy spring break week!   Peace...

Maureen, Cyndy, Rachel, and Fatima