Lower Elementary - May 13, 2016

Dear RiverRun Families,

We are finally ready to present to you our Authors’ Tea stories.  Throughout the year we have Writers’ Workshop in the afternoons.  Lessons are given on techniques writers use and the children are able to spend about half hour writing; trying out the techniques taught, using their imagination and putting to use the language lessons given on grammar and sentence mechanics.  Because we have 18 children in the class it would be hard to sit for that period of time to listen to all the stories the children have written at once.  Also, we do not want too big of a crowd to limit the noise in the room and lastly the children may feel less nervous with a smaller number of people in the room.  Therefore, we have split this event up into two days, May 26th and 27th.  Chris has sent out a note asking if anyone has a conflict on either of these days that we can try to accommodate.  We will start first thing in the morning on both days.  Each child will sit in a chair in front of you and read their story and show you their illustrations.   You are welcome to come on both days, but your child will only be presenting on the assigned day.  I will send out the list by Tuesday, so if you can’t come on one of the days let us know before then. 

 In our classroom we have a clear box filled with different objects we call the Estimation Box.  The children estimate how many of the objects are in the box.  Michael’s dad, Alex, suggested we have the whole community make estimations then add up all the numbers, divide the sum by the number of people who submitted an estimation and see if the answer is close to the actual number of objects in the box.  Amazingly this worked.  We had 49 erasers in the box and the average came to a bit over 49.  Below you can see the materials we used to work out this problem.  We added using the Dot Board and divided using the Stamp Game.  One of our Elders is working out the division in the picture below. 

The First Years have been asking to learn about the preposition.  They have been doing well at parsing The Noun Family and the verb so this week they had the first lesson on the function of a preposition in a sentence. 

 “We teachers can only help the work going on as servants wait upon a master”, Maria Montessori

 Best Wishes,

 Amy, Tatiana, Rachel & Cyndy