Lower Elementary - May 5, 2016

Dear RiverRun Families,

This week in Spanish class the children played Spanish Apples to Apples. It is amazing how many adjectives and nouns the children have learned. They played independently and had a good laugh at some of the choices their friends made to match their stack of nouns to the adjective the judge laid down. I hope these pictures illustrate how engaged the children are in their Spanish lessons and how they are reading and understanding the words presented to them.

The Elders had follow up lessons on multiplication, using three digit multipliers and dividing using two digit divisors. The Middles are working on dynamic division using the Stamp Game and they continue to practice dynamic addition and subtraction along with memorizing their multiplication fact. On Monday I gave the Elders and Middles some challenging sentences to symbolize. We reviewed possessive adjectives and how adverbs can describe adjectives. We also looked at the word with and talked about how it depends on where it is in the sentence or its function in the sentences as we decided if it was a conjunction or an adverb (i.e. I wish I had a puppy to snuggle with).

The First Years have been exploring homophones such as sale and sail. They have been working daily on reading comprehension and spelling. Tatiana gave lessons to the First and Middles on changing words from singular to plural, when to add s and when to add es and when to drop the y and add ies. Some of the First Years are using the Bead Frame to add both statically and dynamically. Others are working abstractly (without materials) when adding.

 Writers’ Workshop is moving along. We hope to send out possible dates for the Authors’ Tea by the end of next week. You are all in for a treat!

 Best Wishes, Amy, Tatiana, Rachel, and Cyndy