Primary - June 3, 2016

Hello Families, June 3, 2016
A week of treats and special events, from sampling a few sweets from Puerto Rico (thank you to Rose, Ava D’s mom) to spending Friday at Lake Taghkanic for the start of the RiverRun Camping Weekend. We appreciate Leah and Devi joining us through June, lending their support during recess, lunch and the afternoons. Welcome! Have you seen our other “new members” of the class? We are counting down the days to their hatching. In about 10 days, we’ll be hearing peep-peep-peep! One morning, Leah read aloud, Elmer, a story of an elephant and his herd learning to accept each other for themselves. The children colored paper elephants and had a parade. Thank you, Leah! Excitement was strong as we approached Friday for a day at the campground at Lake Taghkanic. We began by forming mixed age groups and building Inukshuks. As we remembered from our Polar studies, these large human forms were built of rock long ago by Inuit people of the far North. They could communicate forms of guidance and support in a harsh environment, even a sense of community. Cooperation and understanding that all parts of the structure and the builders too are central to its balance, purpose and messages. As with the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, our Inukshuks were emblems of friendship and welcome to all in our community, as we went on to share discoveries on a bug hunt, nature walks, art activities, and more. What a great start to our community weekend!

Maureen, Cyndy, Leah and Devi