Primary - May 13, 2016

Hello Families,

From our Zen garden peace work, to musical instruments, playing in warm sunshine, geometric solids works, cooking, an afternoon rhyming game, and learning about other desert animals as camels, we've been explorers in many ways. Sitting quietly, placing stones and lightly raking the sand in the Zen garden can be a restful time for each of us during a busy morning, or a way to refresh after a more challenging work, as a lesson with the binomial or trinomial cubes. Though physical representations of algebraic equations, we look to solve these puzzles by organizing the cubes and rectangular prisms into the larger whole cubes. Chopping and measuring vegetables, and having an unexpected delicious soup with pizza was another engaging hands-on work for many children. Our new afternoon game involved selecting an object model and finding which rhyming card around the room it went with. Yet, there is nothing like music to bring us together, with smiles and sharing, whether playing a drum, tambourine, maracas, a pair of spoons, or other instruments from around the world. P.S. Did you know that camels store fat in their humps (not water)? If the fat was stored across their bodies, it would over heat the camels in their desert habitats. What a fun week!

Peace to all......Maureen, Cyndy, Rachel and Fatima