Primary - May, 20, 2016

Hello Families,

Variations of favorite works and some new ones filled our week. We watched a 10 minute video on desert animals adaptations to their habitat, which provided some wonderful photography as well. Variations of blocks for inside and outside play has been fun, as well a more exotic work, cactus tasting. We tried the center of a prickly pear cactus leaf. After much work removing some spines on a thin pad (leaf), we were only left with a couple of very small tastes. One child said it smelled and looked like honeydew melon. Cyndy noted it reminded her of cucumber. We applaud all children for tasting the cactus alone, or with some jam. In the afternoons, elders are making large numbers on the bead frames (an abacus for four digit numbers) and learning more puzzle-sight words. Everyone has done some writing of first or last names and lowercase letters. Clock work has also been popular this week. Due to family illness and needs, Thursday was Fatima’s last day for this school year. We so appreciate all her time and support of our school and classroom, during lunch and rest/nap time, and hope to see her again next year. Thank you so much for everything, Fatima!! See you at the Albany Symphony’s Tiny Tots Concert Tuesday.

Thank you everyone!

Maureen, Cyndy, Rachel and Fatima