Primary - May 27, 2016


Our focus now is the grasslands, specifically those of Kenya and East Africa. From locating Kenya and the grasslands on maps, to learning about Kenya’s flag colors, some Swahili, and marching in the RiverRun’s Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies, we’re taking off. Waving our flags, marching into the ceremony, and seeing examples of sports our Olympics will cover was fun, as was learning about Rio and Brazil, the history of the Olympics, and seeing the cycling awards ceremony. Also, we’ve talked about how biomes have no clear boundaries, and are taking a closer look at soil, starting with some Cyndy brought us from the Sonoran desert. We began to see how soil and water interact, and will learn and experiment further. We also said goodbye to Rachel, who has supported our class in the afternoons. Children clearly enjoyed working with Rachel and hearing stories she shared or read aloud. Thank you, Rachel, for everything; our best wishes to you! On to our Olympic sports events!

Peace to all, Maureen, Cyndy and Rachel