Primary - May 5, 2016

Hello Families,

We are busy with more spring and desert biome works. Animal mothers and babies puzzle matching is out, and dressing a baby doll is very popular (involves using snaps, folding clothes, gentle handling of the doll). The children are also exploring our southwestern Sonoran desert and the saguaro cactus with a desert scene of rocks, pebbles, cactus, and desert animals (roadrunners, coyote, mountain lions, jackrabbits, rattlesnakes, scorpions, etc). The Desert Giant wonderfully portrays interconnections between the saguaro cactus, desert animals and their desert habitat, as do other books in the room. Informative desert jigsaws, magnets, and a closer look at bird beaks (their structure and function related to food sources) are among new works. We’ve also started exploring geometric solids and more sounds, with an introduction to a few instruments, as we look forward to going to the Albany Symphony concert. Thank you again for joining us for the production of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood at Proctor’s. It was an exciting, fun time for all!

Enjoy your weekend. Peace....Maureen, Cyndy, Rachel and Fatima