Upper Elementary - May 13, 2016

Dear Families:

We began the week with an excellent presentation by Abi on global warming. As she read her research, she showed pictures on a Power Point relating to her facts. At the end of her presentation, Abi shared a poster she made of Albany, New York with all energy coming from wind, water and solar sources!

We had our 6th successful Taco Tuesday, and we started reading Mr. Tucket by Gary Paulsen for literature circle. We are learning how to find the surface area of cubes, and rectangular and triangular prisms, and we started to work on the map and ceremonies for the RiverRun Olympics.

Next Monday, we will have guest mathematician, Greg, Emma & Grace’s dad, present the Fibonacci number pattern to the members of our calculus enrichment class. Greg will be our last guest this year, and we certainly thank all of the members of our families who came to school to share their knowledge with us.

Have a great weekend,

Debbie & Architects