Lower Elementary - May 27, 2016

Dear RiverRun Families,

We have experienced a lot over the past two weeks. Our trip to Patroon Farm was very productive. We planted a lot of beets and onions. I think the children have a better idea of the work that goes into providing food. Thank you to all the parent volunteers.

The Authors’ Tea was amazing. The children wrote some really fun and interesting stories. The illustrations were well done and they read their books beautifully. I am sure you are enjoying re-reading the books.

As part of a good-bye celebration for Rachel, Tatiana made Onigiri, which are Japanese rice balls with fillings. Tatiana provided mango for the filling. I made some Soba noodles with a typical Japanese sauce. We shared food and well wishes together.

On Friday we had the opening ceremonies of the RiverRun Summer Olympics. Brazil put on a nice performance for us and we started the games with biking. Medals were given to the top performers.

All of these experiences are what sets RiverRun apart from other school experiences. We hope they are making lasting impressions on the children. We look forward to the rest of the Olympic Games. See the Olympic letter to refresh yourselves on the upcoming events.

Best Wishes,

Amy & Tatiana