Upper Elementary - May 20 - June 17, 2016

Dear Families:

In the last month we had a calculus lesson on the Fibonacci numbers taught by Greg Lindenfelser, planted seeds at the Regional Food Bank farm, went to miSci to build with the Kapla blocks, visited Re4orm Architecture for a lesson on what an architect does, hiked the Platterkill Preserve, wrote nominations for torchbearers, created the programs and practiced for the Olympic Opening and Closing Olympic Ceremonies, performed in many Olympic events, headed off for our RR Camping trip where we built Inukshuks together with our school community, learned about the Hudson River School of Art from Peter Jung and painted our own Lake Taghkanic School of Art pictures. We also learned how to start a fire as a survival skill from Julian Foster.

Beginning Monday, June 6 our elders spent the morning in the middle school classroom in preparation for next year. Our last Taco Tuesday was the 7th and guest speaker Peter Johnson visited our class on the 8th to teach us about solar power for our RiverRun school design. We finished up our Olympic simulation Friday morning with the pentathlon competition, and team medals were awarded before the Closing Ceremony in the afternoon.


Our books that we made with the Primary students were bound, and we read a few aloud each day in Maureen’s class. And…just yesterday, we went out to lunch at the Union Café so that we could practice our computation skills for figuring out tax and tip. This last activity was also a great reason to dress up, take a walk on a beautiful summer day, eat good food and spend a special time with our classmates! Whew! With all of this activity, we still did our math, reading, and writing.

Hope your summertime, family time, is all that you want it to be,

Debbie & Architects