Three to six year olds are immersed in exploring their world.  At RiverRun, surrounded by hands-on materials and activities, their learning is an experiential process.  Practical life (everyday living skills) and sensorial work form the foundation for children’s discoveries and skill development.  Filled with a sense of wonder and love of learning, growing in independence and internalizing a sense of order, primary children are introduced to ideas and knowledge across a similar breadth of curricular areas as the elementary children.

We strive to provide each primary student with a safe, stimulating and peaceful environment where they can delight in the exploration of their world, develop friendships, gain practical life skills and build a foundation for future academics.

The Primary Program child’s day begins by being...

Warmly greeted by a teacher -- COMMUNITY

Being taught to change their own shoes and take care of their belongings -- INDEPENDENCE

Joining their class for “morning circle” -- SOCIAL TIME

Their morning will progress with...

Child engaging puzzles, maps, art supplies, etc. in the classroom -- JOYOUS EXPLORATION

Receiving individual or small group lessons -- INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT

Participating in snack time -- SELF NURTURING

The morning session will usually end with the class outside in our new primary playground -- PHYSICAL MOVEMENT

Or, on a guided walk among the trees, flora and fauna on our property -- LOVE OF NATURE

Students will return to the classroom where they will...

Join classmates for lunch-- GRACE & COURTESY

Those students staying full day will be rejuvenated by nap time or quiet time -- PEACE

Participate in reading, writing, math works and other “Big” projects -- CONCENTRATION