Founded in 2008, RiverRun Community Montessori provides affordable individualized education in a community setting for preschool, elementary, and middle school aged children. We are the only Montessori school in Schenectady County with elementary and middle school programs, and we serve families from throughout New York's Capital Region and beyond.

Our Foundation: A Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori approach to education gives children the freedom to explore and develop to their fullest potential while working with didactic materials, in groups and independently, within a prepared environment. RiverRun provides thoughtfully prepared environments designed to support the students' development of independence and empowerment. Carefully guided as appropriate by the directress, students choose their own works based on their curiosity, imagination, and level of intellect. As a result, students become active, self-directed learners, independent thinkers, and self-confident decision-makers.

Multi-age classrooms allow younger children to learn from older children, while the elders gain experience as mentors. Students work research-style, either independently or in small groups. They move from the concrete to the abstract, motivated by their own interests, efforts, and experiences as they learn about geography, history, language, mathematics, science, music, art, and everyday living.

Our Philosophy: Education for Life

Going beyond the basic academic skills, RiverRun students develop character and self-esteem, learn to ask questions rather than only seek "right" answers, and practice becoming self-confident, independent thinkers who have a desire to learn because they have a genuine interest in the world and in life.

RiverRun considers the intellectual, physical, creative, and spiritual dimensions of each student. Students are encouraged to focus on works they find to be meaningful and fulfilling, thereby promoting a sense of inner peace and harmony. RiverRun recognizes that individuals have varying learning styles and developmental timetables. Under the thoughtful direction of the directress, students' individual academic needs are respected and accommodated. Students are free to learn in ways that best suit them. Furthermore, each student learns and progresses at his or her own individual pace.

Field trips are an important component of a RiverRun education. Our students go on a variety of field trips that are both fun and educational. Real world skills are exercised on these trips. For example, whenever possible, students ride the CDTA bus system to the field trip locations. Students learn the bus routes, how much the fee is, and bus riding safety and etiquette. Many of our field trips are service oriented. Giving back to the community is important at RiverRun.

Our Values

Joyful Exploration -- A RiverRun education accommodates varying learning styles and interests to honor and preserve children’s natural love of learning.

Community -- The RiverRun community strives to achieve social harmony. RiverRun students work with each other rather than compete against one another in a safe environment where they learn how to be appropriately assertive rather than aggressive. RiverRun students help each other and care for others, both younger and older. Our wider community is incorporated into RiverRun's educational approach through curriculum content, community visitors, and field trips.

Empowerment -- While there are ground rules based on respect for each other and for the environment, RiverRun students are entrusted with a great deal of freedom and personal choice. With a schedule that allows large, uninterrupted blocks of time for problem solving, making connections in knowledge, and forming creative ideas, students are free to spend as much time as they like on a particular work. In addition to moving about the classroom freely and choosing their own work, students make decisions about whether to work alone or as part of a small group. Moreover, they are allowed the freedom and independence to direct their own personal care, using the restroom and eating snack when they choose rather than at predetermined times.